Cradle Rescue-Nets

A mobile light weight scramble-net / cradle recovery system for deck vessels and offshore installations with either rail or special fastenings inside bulwark where they are to be used. Only 1/6 of the weight of traditional scramble-nets.

- Manual lifting of one person.

- Easy fastening with buckles to a rail.

- Durable. With additional link pipe, they can be stored indoors flat on a shelf ready to be moved in seconds to the rescue spot and fastened with two lines to a deticated spot. Extra cover available to protect the unit from the sun when stored outside.

- Fasten it in height that allow at least 1 to 1,5 metre of it in the water, when in lowered position.

- Same quality and product standard as the Lloyd's Register approved MS Markusnet.

Types: SCN6, SCN8, SCN10 and SCN12

Vertical length: 300, 350 and 400 cm

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