Firefly PRO Waterbug

The all-new Firefly PRO Waterbug is a SOLAS-approved strobe light with a built-in water activation feature that will automatically activate once submerged.

With 4 activation functions;
1. toggle between the armed mode for automatic water activation
2. ultra-bright strobe light or
3. the SOS strobe to visually alert Search and Rescue of your location,
4. then toggle to the Steady-On feature for close up recovery operations.  

The cool white light has no yellow tinting which allows for a more visible light beam that can be seen at greater distances. 

The innovative new wide light emission LEDs produce a 360° beam of light (41 candela) allowing for visibility of over 3.5 miles.

With an energy efficient microprocessor and redesigned electronics, the Firefly PRO boasts maximum operation life in the harshest of conditions. 

With a single set of AA alkaline batteries, the Firefly PRO will continuously strobe for over 56 hours or use the Steady-On feature for 28 hours.

That is twice as long as our competitors and exceeds USCG and SOLAS requirements by over 48 hours. 

- Product Number: 3971.3 (Carded) 3971.4 (Bulk)

- Size:  11.7 x 5.7 x 2.8 cm

- Weight: 68 g (without batteries)

- Operation: Manual ON/OFF switch

- Waterproof: Factory tested to 10 m

- Lamp: LED - cool white

- Strobe Intensity 26.8 Candela minimum

- Strobe Visibility Over 3.2 miles

- Strobe Flash Rate 60 P/M +/-

- Strobe Operation 56 hours minimum

- Certification SOLAS - Approved, USCG - Approved, IMO LSA - Pending, CE - Pending 

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