Quick Release Box

The QRB is the important connection between the rescue man and the hoist system of the helicopter. Lite Flites QRB is designed with the ability to open under tension up to 150 kg. This is a very important safety feature.


The QRB Mk-4 is manufactured from anti-corrosion treated stainless steel, which makes it extremely resistant to saltwater corrosion. Furthermore the body of the QRB is given a special surface treatment. A very thin layer, less than 5 microns, of carbon and chrome ions is bonded to the surface, making it glass hard, scratch resistant and super smooth. The resulting silk matt, solid black surface adds another important feature; It makes the moving parts less vulnerable to lack of lubrication.

Daily maintenance after use in saltwater, is limited to a quick shower in fresh water. Only once a year, the QRB must be disassembled, cleaned, lubricated with a special aero grade grease and have new stainless springs.

The rescue man has a distinct feeling of the mechanism when operating the lid. Strong springs improves the safety of operation. The color of the lid is black with a lime green bar inserted in the lid. The contrast between the 2 colors enables the crew members from a distance and even in a dark helicopter, to tell if the QRB is in the safe position. As the bar stays 3mm proud of the lid, the rescue man is able to feel, even with gloves, if the bar is horizontal and in safe position.

Suspension Strap

The suspension strap is the connection between the Quick Release Box and the hoist system of the helicopter.

The design allows the middle ring to carry load in both directions. Downwards if you want to carry extra equipment or a dog during the hoist ride, upwards if the rescue man is forced to shift from one hoist cable to another in the air under a dual hoist equipped helicopter.

Selected Part Numbers:

Part No.       Part Name:

60081471      QRB Suspension Strap NG, 275mm,
                      A+D Ring

90019010      Quick Release Box, QRB Mk-4

(Only a few selected part numbers are shown. Please ask for other part numbers)

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