NLT-WS(L) and NLT-WS(M), Thermal Weapon Sights

The NLT-WS(L) and NLT-WS(M) Thermal Weapon Sight by Nightline use the latest in miniature thermal sensor technology combined with an OLED display to provide a crisp, stable image in a small, lightweight package. The systems are ruggedized to withstand years of weapon mounted use and is ergonomically designed to be used as a hand held system.


The NLT-WS(L) is designed for use on small caliber weapons such as the M4 and M16 and the NLT-WS(M) is designed for use on large caliber weapons such as the 7.62mm NATO and .50 Cal. System features include an adjustable digital reticle with multiple pattern and color selections, tactical 6 button keypad, icon based menu system and an ergonomic, high speed battery compartment.


- Rugged Design

- Compact and lightweight

- Digital Imaging

- Digital Brightness Control

- Black/White Polarity

- VOx Vanadium Oxide Detector

- 800 x 600 OLED Display

- Quick release Picatinny mount




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