NLT-WS(H), Heavy Thermal Weapon Sight

The NLT-WS(H) Heavy Thermal Weapon Sight by Nightline is a rugged, highly accurate thermal weapon sight built to US Military specifications. Designed for medium machine guns and high caliber rifles, the system features a FLIR sensor behind a 100mm high precision lens that enables the shooter to retain extreme accuracy in all conditions. The high resolution image is displayed on a state of the art 800 x 600 OLED micro display that features a digital reticle.



- Rugged Design

- Mil Spec Optics

- Digital Imaging

- Digital Reticle System

- 8 Color modes

- VOx Vanadium Oxide Detector

- 800 x 600 OLED Display

- ARMS Weapon Mount

- Video Output

- Icon Based Menu

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