NL963B, Night Vision Goggle

The NL963B™ night vision goggles are based on the US military model AN/PVS-7. The NL963B™ is intended for land use including vehicle driving, and is typically worn on a head mount or helmet mount. When using the helmet mount, the goggle will automatically shut off in the up position. The goggle and its adaptor are independently removable from the helmet strap. An ON-OFF knob controls all of the features of the goggle. These controls can easily be operated using gloves.

This rugged, light weight system allows independent eyepiece focus from +2 to -6 diopters, and includes a low battery warning light, integrated infrared light source, automatic brightness control (ABC), high light cutoff tube protection and a selection from several image tube specifications. The NL963B™ allows for optional magnification with a 3X or 5X Afocal snap-on objectives.



- Hands free operation

- IR Illuminator

- High Light Cutoff

- Low Battery Indicator


Available accessories include:

- Objective lens cover

- Neck strap

- Operator’s Manual

- Soft or hard carrying case

- Shoulder strap

- Demist shield

- Sacrificial window

- Lens brush, and lens paper

- Head mount assembly

- Helmet mount

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