Medevac IIA Break-Apart Litters, Titanium w/ Flotation Kit

The Medevac Litter is the most widely used helicopter rescue litter in both civilian and military operations worldwide. The Medevac II is a modern Stokes-type litter constructed for long life in the marine environment and is available in two models; a rigid frame (Medevac II) or break-apart frame (Medevac IIA).

The Break-Apart model occupies approximately half the stowage space of rigid litters. 


- Approved for US Military and NATO use

- Break-apart design provides for compact stowage in SAR aircraft and vehicles

- Exceeds 2,500 lbs load test requirement for MIL-SPEC litters

- Lightweight Titanium tubular construction

- Available in Stainless Steel

- Includes Narrow Flotation Kit 

- Corrosion resistant - designed for the marine environment

- Color-coded patient restraint straps with quick release buckles

- Hoistable with horizontal hoisting slings, sold separately

Stainless steel litter at 34 lbs (45 lbs with flotation)
Titanium litter at 22 lbs (33 lbs with flotation)

24" W x 7" D x 84" L (43" L stowed)
24" W x 7" D x 78" L (40" L stowed) 

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