Medevac Board

A two piece, full length, back board suited for confined space rescue.Offers compact stowage and are constructed of heavy gauge aluminum with stainless steel couplers for strength and rigidity.


- Includes replaceable, color-coded restraint straps with quick-close buckles, and a disposable head restraint. 

- Easily separates into two halves for stowage. 

- Stowage/carrying case included. 

- Load capacity in excess of 300 lbs.

- Nonporous surface is easy to clean and impervious to body fluids.

- Replaceable, oversized hand straps are located to make carrying and maneuvering easy. 



- Weight:  19 lbs 

- Dimensions: 16¼" W x 1½" D x 76¼" L.


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