Lightweight Stretcher

Lite Flite Lightweight Stretcher has been selected as standard equipment aboard all Royal Danish Air Force SAR helicopters, and is in service with several foreign govern-ments and civilian SAR operators around the globe.


The stretcher consists of a red oval aluminium frame with a polyester wide mesh netting, a fastening strap and four suspension risers with orange flotation devices and two figure 8 rings for easy hook up.

The stretcher is used for hoisting hypothermic or lifeless victims.

Product Specifications
- Weight: 3200g (7 lbs)

- Size: Length 171cm - Width 53cm

- Inspections: Annual

- Cleaning: Rinse in fresh water after use

- Safe Working Load: 500 lbs (227kg)

- Tensile Strength: 1000 lbs (454kg) – Stress and load tested to 2286 lbs (1037kg)

- Life Limits: On Condition, Overhaul every 5 years.


- Risers: 1” polyester webbing, Tensile Strength 4409 lbs (2000kg)

- Figure 8 rings: Welded Stainless Steel, Tensile Strength 4409 lbs (2000kg)

- Frame: Aluminium tube(6060-GS1-05), 28mm

- Stretcher to be cleaned in tap water after every operation in salt water.
- Stretcher to be inspected thoroughly once a year by Lite Flite approved technicians only.
- All inspections must be entered into the stretcher log card.

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