Hoist Harness

When rescuing people in distress, dangling below a helicopter in darkness, high winds, heavy rain and only a little time to do the job, a reliable and comfortable hoist harness is a must.

Lite Flite hoist harnesses are specifically designed for helicopter hoist operations and as such, it is a vital piece of the winch mans Personnal Protection Equipment.

Lite Flite hoist harnesses and lanyards are tested and type certified according to European Council directive 89/686 in conformance with European norms EN813:2008, EN1497:2007 and EN358:2000.


- Fork tang for Quick Release Box
- Integrated lower back and lumbar support
- Open, alpine style leg straps for easy donning
- Fully padded for maximum comfort
- Standard sizes S/M and M/L, other sizes on request
- Lanyard attachments , no need for separate gunner belt
- Attachments for additional equipment
- Optional straps for radio and swim fins
- Breaking strength > 15 kN
- Max. user weight 150 kg
- Carry-on equipment: Standard, off-the-shelf parts

- MIL-W-4088 webbing type IX and VII, MBS > 6000 lbs
- Hardware made of corrosion treated stainless steel and sea water resistant, anodized 6082 aluminium

Life Cycle
- Recommended life time: 5 years from initial use
- Annual maintenance: Inspection and certification
- Daily maintenance: Flush with cold tap water


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