Reflective Guide Line

Lite Flites reflective guide line is the newest type of guide-lines for helicopter rescue. To increase the visibility of the hi line during rescue operations in dusk and night conditions, we now deliver a 10 mm soft polyester line in bright RED and YELLOW colours with in-woven reflex stripes.

In the helicopter spotlight the reflex stripes transforms the hi-line into a 50 m glowing worm. Extremely effective.

We can deliver the new glowing guide line in every length desired, mounted with a thimble in both ends ready for break cord and weight bag. 



- Double praid, high tenacity polyester rope, 24/16
- Optional 3 mm cupper core, MBS approx 100 kg
- Light weight karabiner made of 6082 aluminium
- Dual layer weight bags filled with stainless steel pellets

Life Cycle
- Recommended life time: 5 years from initial use
- Annual maintenance: Inspection and certification
- Daily maintenance: Flush with cold tap water




- Diameter 8 mm, breaking strength > 1200 kg
- Diameter 10 mm, breaking strength > 1900 kg
- Diameter 12 mm, breaking strength > 2700 kg
- Standard length 30, 45 and 60 m.
  Any length on request.
- Carry-on equipment: Standard, off-the-shelf parts

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