Mrs. Bucket (Guide Line Bucket)

Lite Flite Guide Line Systems are in service with several foreign governments and a number of civilian SAR operators around the globe.

Mrs Bucket is a guide line fast deployment bag, made from orange vinyl and equipped with straps and snap hooks to fasten it inside the helicopter.

Mrs Bucket can be made in different sizes to fit the length of your guide line.
Daily maintenance after use is limited to a quick shower in fresh water.

The guide line bag will keep your guide line dry, free of dirt and ready for use and it will hold a wet guideline without leaking water.

Compatible products
We supply a full range of guide lines in all lengths.
Guidelines can be delivered separate or as complete systems. (Container + Guide line + weight bag)

Product Specifications

- Weight: 800g (1.8 lbs)

- Size: Standard size: Height: 30cm. DIA: 28cm

- Inspections: Annual

- Cleaning: Rinse in fresh water and wipe dry after use

- Safe Working Load: N/A

- Tensile Strength: N/A

- Life Limits: On Condition


- Fabric: Orange Vinyl

- Hardware: Steel

Clean, dry and repack after each use.

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