Anti Static Charge Cable

Lite Flites Anti Static Charge Cables are delivered in any desirable length with a wire loop at one end, and a ball termination at the other for added stability and weight.


The anti static charge cable consists of a stainless steel, marine grade, wire rope, 295cm long and with a 245cm PVC liner from the loop termination towards the welded wire termination.

The loop termination is made with a copper talurit, which is crimped onto the wire in a hydraulic press and covered with a protective heat shrink tube.

The loop termination is fitted with a stainless steel Karabiner and a weak link, in case the cable gets snagged during hoist operation.

In order to prevent snagging, the wire end is welded, instead of the usual ball termination.

The karabiner is hooked into the hoist hook before the rescue sling strop, so that the rescue sling strop can be operated without interference. The anti static charge cable will then extend below the rescue sling strop and take the static charge before the rescue swimmer and / or the victim touches the surface.

Compatible products
Lite Flite anti static charge cables are compatible with all Lite Flite hoist hooks and can be made to customer specific lengths.

Product Specifications

- Weight: 360g
- Standard Length: 295cm
- Inspections: Annual
- Cleaning: Rinse in fresh water and air dry at room temperature after use
- Life Limits: On Condition
- Weak link: Weak link breaks at approximately 100kg



- Wire Rope: 7x7 4mm EC316 marine grade stainless steel
- Liner: PVC
- Heat Shrink Tube: PVC
- Karabiner: EC316 marine grade stainless steel
- Talurit: Copper

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