Ear Defenders

Ear defenders can be mounted onto your cut away helmet

Alternatively, they can be worn underneath your cut away helmet using a headband


We offer Peltor ear defenders as separates or mounted on the cut away helmet as a customisation option. Peltor provide ear defenders to suit a variety of noise blocking requirements; they also offer variations with built-in radio communication headsets that work on DECT, Bluetooth and Wifi.

So there’s no need to compromise on your head protection to get excellent ear protection and clear communications in a noisy environment.


 You can also buy helmets with ear defenders and replace them with your own defenders as long as they support the right helmet mount.

Headband – Fits over the Head

High performance hearing protector for use against light industry noise, for example grounds maintenance or power drilling.


Neckband – Fits behind the Head

Design of neckband allows earmuffs to be worn with a variety of face shields and headgear.


Mounted – Fits to the Cut Away

High performance hearing protector for protection against high noise levels, for example forestry or heavy engineering.


There are also more types of ear defenders such as:

- 3M Peltor X1 Ear Defenders

3M Peltor X2 Ear Defenders

3M Peltor X3 Ear Defenders

3M Peltor X4 Ear Defenders

3M Peltor X5 Ear Defenders




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