The inflatable shell, and the detachable crampons reduce the risk of injuries, making the playing in the snow safe and fun for your child.

The direct grip gives the little hiker stability, and the flexible structure minimizes the ankle twist, guaranteeing ease and comfort during your child’s first mountain experiences.

With its smart and innovative design, Small Foot Penguin is the perfect choice for the little explorers’ winter adventures.This model is compatible with any type of hiking, snowboarding or skiing boots.


The Penguin set includes:

- a pair of Penguin snowshoes

- a basic mini bag (1 x 24/12/10 cm)

- a pair of detachable front crampons

- a mini pump

- a deflation cap

- a repair kit

- an emergency whistle


The repair kit includes: 

- 1 TPU sticker

- 2 patches from the TPU material

- 2 patches from the cordura

- 1 valve core

- 1 cap for unwinding the valve core 

Made of:


- Vibram

- Duraflex

- Cordura 


Color options:

- White



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