The first ever inflatable mudshoes. The product is designed with the aim of assisting trespassing of swamps and highly muddy terrains.

Aided by additional rubber pads for extra grip and non-sticky bottom which allows maximum stability and reliability.


Compact – deflated mudshoes downsize into easy to carry pair of mini bags;

Floatable – the inflatable structure and design enhances floatation on mud areas;

Extremely light;

Flexible – the adaptive structure of the mudshoes follows the terrain and minimizes stress on ankles;

Direct grip – open oval shape allows direct contact of the shoe with terrain for maximum stability;

Maneuverable – allow free and safe movement in all directions.

Materials applied: Cordura, Duraflex, YKK, Vibram

Weight – 2 x 663 gram

Size (when deflated, placed in the bags) – 2x24/12/10 cm;

Size (when inflated) – 62/34/10 cm;

Size of the inner ellipse – 43/13 cm;

Shoe size:  EU 39-47 / UK 7-12;

Load capacity – 60 to 120 kg;

Double layer – Cordura 1100 and TPU bladder;

Grip system – fixed front and rear stainless steel crampons and rubber pads on the bottom;

Suspension system – fixed heel and safety quick release system.


Set includes:

- pair of mudshoes;

- pair of basic mini bags (2 x 24/12/10 cm);

- mini pump

- deflation cap

- emergency whistle

- repair kit: 1 TPU sticker, 2 patches from the TPU material, 2 patches from the Cordura, 1 valve core, 1 cap for unwinding the valve core.

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