The lightest and most compact of all Small Foot’s models.

BE UP is an essential part of your winter equipment. The single layered model is designed to support you in extreme and unpredictable situations in the mountains.

It is most suitable for people wearing snowshoes occasionally, and is not intended for regular use.


The BE UP set includes:

- a pair of BE UP snowshoes

- a basic mini bag (1 x 24/12/10 cm)

- a pair of detachable front crampons

- a mini pump

- a deflation cap

- a repair kit

- an emergency mirror

- an emergency whistle


The repair kit includes: 

- 1 TPU sticker

- 2 patches from the TPU material

- 2 patches from the cordura

- 1 valve core

- 1 cap for unwinding the valve core 




Made of:


- Duraflex


Color options:

- Black

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