Integrated Medical Module

For rapid medevac capabilities on Survitec boats.



- Adaptable for any Survitec boat
- Enables rapid extraction and comprehensive mobile treatment
- Caters for multiple emergency scenarios – cardiac, drowning, impact trauma
- Can be configured to fit anywhere on the boat – front, centre, back

Available exclusively on Survitec’s boats, the Medmodule allows extraction and full treatment on-board a boat to the same standard as that afforded in an emergency response vehicle on the road. Conceived as an expanding emergency backpack, it holds specialist supplies for basic trauma equipment;
- Diagnostics
- Oxygen and ventilation
- Defibrillation
- Chest compression
- ECG or auscultation
- Paediatric treatment including the immobilisation
  of suspected fractures

Also included are rescue suction pumps, adjustable head immobilisers and a
spine board which is rigid and lightweight.

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