Ergofit+ 190N/290N

The renowned ErgoFit bladder is, as always, a step above the rest. With its tailored shape, the bladder distributes buoyancy uniquely around the wearer to maximise in-water support and airway protection.


Key Features

- INDUSTRY FIRST - Halo hood system for elevated airway protection

- INDUSTRY FIRST - Tailored window pocket, designed for full Exposure OLAS integration

- INDUSTRY FIRST - Slimline quick lock buckle system to provide easy donning

- Market leading bladder buoyancy distribution to maximise in-water support and airway protection

- Sculpted bladder profile for improved in-water mobility to aid self rescue

- A built-in inflatable chin support to help protect your airway

- Fusion 3D shape providing the ultimate in comfort

- Soft loop D-ring for attaching safety harness

- Three-layer cover construction for durability

- Easy to adjust side waist adjusters

- AIS and PLB compatible

- Lifejacket light fitted as standard

- Increased buoyancy – 190N Newtons (approved to ISO 150N)




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