Ergofit 190 PRO

The ErgoFit 190N PRO maintains all of the high specification safety features on the inside as the 190N, whilst minimising features on the outside.
A 3D-moulded lifejacket, with the advanced specification on the inside to excel for all coastal and offshore water users.


Key Features

- ISO 12402-3 (150N) approved but with superior buoyancy (190N) to float you higher in the water

- A built in inflatable chin support tilts your neck back and keeps your airways clear

- Unique bladder distribution, providing turning solutions in less than three seconds

- Innovative 3D shaping providing the ultimate in comfort and performance

- Dual soft loop D-rings for attaching safety harness

- Three-layer cover construction for extreme durability

- Dual buckle system to enable easy donning

- Easy to adjust side waist adjusters

- AIS compatible, activates automatically on inflation

- Compatible with MOB Lifesavers thing



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