Boarding Vest

The next generation Boarding Vest is a state of the art safety and survival system designed to meet the protection needs of those on the front line of defence in navies, coastguard and police services. The Boarding Vest encompasses the latest in garment technology, ballistic protection, flotation devices (swimming and negotiating water obstacles), rehydration system and a modular pocket design system. 




- Configurable (in field) to either land or sea requirements.

- Full customisation of pockets for individual preferences

- Covert swim bladder, used as a swimming aid

- Emergency rescue/extraction loops for winching

- Rapid donning/doffing - 5 seconds

- 3D knitted spacer mesh pads offer moisture, heat management and airflow

- Fully functional in temperatures ranging from - 20o C to + 50o C

The Boarding Vest has been tested and qualified to meet stringent military requirements including in water testing andemergency rescue/extraction loop winching trial.

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