Mk15W Life Preserver

Developed in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence and the Royal Air Force Centre of Aviation Medicine, the Mk15W Life Preserver is designed for use by the crews of helicopters and non-ejection seat aircraft. The Life Preserver consists of a lightweight waistcoat with integral pouch, a stole container, and an inflatable profiled stole.


- Compact with snag-free contours, comfortable and provides ample freedom of movement

- Nylon stole container in fluorescent flame orange for maximum visibility

- Container includes battery and light assembly, lifeline and toggle, beacon clip housing and webbing lifting beckets

- Pockets provide stowage for beacons, miniflare pack, ground/air emergency code card, heliograph, and whistle

- Webbing loops are fitted at the lower edge for attachment of a personal survival pack

- D-Rings fitted onto the chest area for retention of a man-mounted oxygen regulator


Two sizes: MK15W and MK15W/A (see fact sheet for more details)

Weight: 1.75 kg

Buoyancy: 255 Newtons

CO2 cylinder: 1 x 45g disposable

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