When a helicopter ditches and the crew and passengers have a matter of seconds to make a decision, it is crucial that they are equipped with the very best in life-saving equipment to aid their survival. The RFD Heliraft has accumulated over two decades of in-service experience for both commercial and military applications and remains the benchmark standard against which modern aviation survival equipment is measured.


- Rapid inflation time - fully operational and boardable within 60 seconds

- Full reversibility - unique design ensures the raft is always the right way up

- Dry shod boarding - ensures immediate and easy access and post-boarding safety

- Improved entry from water - inflation boarding ramps allow boarding due to unique reversible design

- Rapid exposure protection - auto-inflation and manual raising of canopy

- Open platform design - dramatically improved boarding and rescue phase

- 50% overload capacity - better safety and survivability for crew and passengers

- Reliable operation and performance in all temperatures - optimised performance-to-weight ratio

- Internal and external stowages - customised to suit JAR OPS 3 helicopter compliance and safer, more effective stowages


- 7 Persons
- 10 Persons
- 14 Persons
- 18 Persons

Survival Packs - each liferaft can be configured with packs meeting CAA ANO scales, FAR 91, 121, 135, JAR OPS 3 or specific customer requirements

Optional extras - optional equipment, including customised survival packs, ELTs / PLBs and high-intensity light units, is available


The Heli-Raft is also available as training raft (see brochure below)


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