Hi-Rise Solas Regular

The HI-Rise 150 is a stylized horseshoe design with a zip closure cover and a double back strap for general offshore use.

- Durable waterproof fabric
- Zip fastening cover
- Reflective silver piping on the front
- Adjustable waist belt
- Stainless steel interlocking belt buckles
- Stainless steel D-ring on belt
- Crutch strap
- Cover fabric PA-450D

- Buddy line
- Automatic water-activated SOLAS light with manual switch option also
- Marine grade whistle
- Oral inflation tube
- Over pressure oral tube + relief valve on front chamber for manual inflation and deflation and also to relieve any excess pressure if both chambers are fired simultaneously
- SOLAS approved retro-reflective tape
- Red recovery grab strap marked “LIFT”
- Inflation systems
- 2 x 38g CO2 gas cylinders

- EN ISO 12402 + SOLAS

- Buoyancy: 180N

- Double chamber 

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