Created the to meet the unique and arduous working conditions experienced by marine defence forces. 

A real best in class lifejacket, it exceeds the SOLAS 2010 regulations according to MSC 81(70) as amended by MSC 200(80), MSC 207(81) and MSC 226(82), and is entirely suitable for abandonment purposes.

With 290N of buoyancy across a twin chamber design, and the choice of Hammar or standard operating heads, the high level of buoyancy provides the added protection required for use with heavy work gear or extreme weather clothing.

The CDLJ 290N includes an easily accessible knife pocket, plus military specification studs for the attachment of operating lanyards.

- Velcro and zip closure

- 2 x 60g cylinders on symmetrical inflation chambers

- UML MK5i standard automatic firing mechanisms

- 3.5 psi relief valve to ensure full buoyancy during single or double chamber inflation.

- Easy to don and comfortable

- Durable PU coated polyester cover

- Internal and external reflective tape which can be removed/covered up if required

- Color options: 
   Orange, Navy Blue, Black, Green or Yellow

- Bladder color options:

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