Boarding Vest

A floation device with optional integrated armour protection designed to meet the protection needs of those on the front line of defence in navies, coastguard and police services.

- Minimum 225N buoyancy.
- Frequently used by international defence organisations
- Offers a combination of marine survival floation, coupled with armoured torso protection
- Uniquely designed hard armour insert plates offering multihit capability
- Hard armour insert plates are anatomically shaped to optimise area coverage while protecting vital organs
- Ballistic plates with the ability to stop a 7.62mm full metal AP round
- Automatic, manual and oral inflation devices
- Grab-handle for efficient personnel recovery
- Removable flotation device for land-based missions
- Breathable, allowing air circulation
- Water-activated light and battery
- Carrier valise with personal identification window
- Comfortable, easy to don and remove

Optional extras
- Front and rear soft armour panels with or without armour insert plates
- Low-profile swimming bladder for 'covert' operations

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