DNA Fox 12

Fox 12 multifunctional helmet made for use in forestry activities, wildland fire-fighting, technical rescue, civil protection, traffic rescue and hazardous environment. 

The shell of DNA FOX helmets is UV resistant and offers:
- Removable cap on crest for insertion of torch DNA FOX IGNIS;
- Frontal space available for personalised logo
- Lamp/camera carrying system by external clips
- Housing for hanging respirators (full face and half face masks)
- Housing for ear muff and/or visors (mesh or polycarbonate)
- Housing for quick release connecor goggles UNIVET® 611 DNA
Inside housing for neck protector DNA FOX SAHARIANA
Visor mounting system to allow half face visor or full face visor
- Rear D-ring for hanging helmet at belt

- 6 air intakes for natural air flow and circulation
- PC caps against rain, flame, high speed particles and molten metal splash

Inner shell/Inner lining:
- Impact absorption
- Comfort inner padding, easy to detach for washing or replacing

Colors: (Matte/Gloss)
- Blue
- White
- Red
- Black
- Yellow
- Orange


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