Over-the-Head Single Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headset

The T-61530-10SD Bluetooth Wireless over the head style single ear headset is one of several Bluetooth Wireless headsets configured for use with Tiger Performance mating transceivers and the T-6000 & 6001 Intercom systems. This single ear cup over the head style headset provides high noise cancelling in one ear while allowing the other ear to hear ambient sound and enjoy hands free wireless, voice activated and high noise cancelling communications.

The T-61530-10SD Bluetooth Wireless headset provides high quality and performance, comfort, durability and user friendly features. Also provided is a high level of hearing protection during a wide variety of high noise situations, while delivering many years of trouble free use making it a first choice for boat crew members.



- Heavy Duty Non-Corrosive Construction

- Over the Head Single Ear-Cup Style

- Bluetooth Wireless Voice activation

- Durable rubberized matte black Ear-cup

- Digital noise reduction

- Easy pairing process

- Auto Shut Off after 5 minutes of inactivity

- Auto reconnect when headset is within range

- Dual color LED for battery life and connectivity

- Tone alert for low battery and battery state

- Low power consumption mode when within 5-10’

- Microphone wind muff

- Optional handheld radio jack and PTT

- Optional external antenna for long range

- Optional ICS radio PTT function


- Speaker: 300Ω, IP-69

- Boom Microphone: Flex Boom Microphone, 150Ω Mil Spec, M101A/AIC, IP-68

- Mic Sensitivity: 34.0dB-40.98Db (Above 1 MV)

- Mic Noise Cancelling; 15 dB

- Antenna Range: 300’ internal, 1500’ external

- Bluetooth Specs: Class 1, version 2.1, encrypted

- Ear-cup Material: Light Weight ABS

- Hardware: Stainless Steel

- Weight with Cord: 12.0 OZ

- Noise Attenuation: 24 NRR

- Battery Charge Life: 20 Hours (lithium ion polymer)

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