Over-the-Head Belt Station Headset

The T-5902A-BS is one of several marine grade heavy duty waterproof headsets configured for use with the T-61706M Belt Stations. This behind the head style headset provides high noise cancelling in high wind and high ambient noise environments.

The T-5902A-BS headset provides high quality and performance, comfort, durability and user friendly features. Also provided is a high level of hearing protection during a wide variety of high noise situations, delivering years of trouble free use making it a first choice for work boat crew members.



- Heavy Duty Non-Corrosive Construction

- Over the Head Dual Ear-Cups Style

- High Quality Appearance Ear-cups

- Fixed Communication Cable w/Nexus AP107 Waterproof Breakaway Plug

- Waterproof Submersible Flex Boom Microphone, left and right hand reversible

- Mil-Spec Waterproof Submersible Speakers

- Comfort Gel Ear Seals

- High wind microphone muff


Speakers: 300Ω, Mil-Spec, H143/AIC, IP-68

- Boom Microphone: Flex Boom Microphone, 150Ω Mil Spec, M101A/AIC, IP-68

- Sensitivity at Ground Level: 34.0dB-40.98dB(Above 1 MV)

- Microphone Noise Cancelling: 15 dB

- Headset Cord: 30” Polypropylene Jacketed; Shielded Cable

- Headset Plug: Heavy Duty Indexed Breakaway 7Conductor, IP-68

- Ear-cup Material: Light Weight ABS

- Hardware: Stainless Steel

- Weight with Cord: 15.0 OZ

- Noise Attenuation: 24 NRR

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