Bluetooth Wireless 7-24 Volt Transceiver / Rechargeable battery powered transceiver

The Bluetooth Wireless 7-24V transceiver is high quality and designed to provide many years of reliable service under extreme conditions. The transceivers are designed to provide 2 way wireless communications between radios and intercoms and wireless headsets, helmets and plug-in belt boxes used to plug in conventional headsets and helmets. The wireless communications provide high quality voice activated or PTT, high noise cancelling communications.

Included is a waterproof transceiver to radio or intercom jack, an internal antenna for shorter range communications. An optional external antenna is offered for long range communications. Additional optional features include a high to low impedance switch and external blade style remote antenna.


-There is also a version with rechargeable battery powered transceiver 



- Heavy Duty Non-Corrosive powder coated aluminum waterproof enclosure, IP-68

-  Bluetooth Wireless Operation

- Digital Noise Reduction, DNR

- Rugged Dome Style Antenna

- Pre-drilled Mounting Tabs

- Easy pairing process

- LED for connectivity

- Wide Power Supply Range, 7-24V


- Bluetooth Range: 1000’-1500’

- Bluetooth Specs: Class 1, version 2.1, encrypted

- Enclosure Material: High impact ABS

- Size: 3.34”L X 2.47”W X 1.11”D

-Weight: 3.2 OZ

- Voltage: 7-24V

- ICS Jack: 5 Pin Waterproof EN3 Twist Lock IP-68

- Power Jack: 2 Pin Waterproof EN3 Twist Lock IP-68

- Frequency: Bluetooth 2.4-2485 GHZ, Encrypted

- Impedance: High, Civilian

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