Firefighter helmet with built-in communication (FFHBC)

Originally designed as a submarine fire helmet, the Cromwell Echo is the perfect fire helmet for use in confined spaces. Proven in use by the UK MoD, the marine fire helmet can be used when fighting fires at sea and on oil rigs, as well as a number of other confined space applications.

A unique helmet system, the Cromwell Echo has an integral, cordless radio allowing multi-way communications between Controller, Team Leaders and individual fire fighters.

The fire helmet with comms overcomes the communication problems associated with traditional radio systems when fighting fires in confined spaces. A bone conductive microphone located at the crown of the helmet facilitates greatly enhanced performance with excellent speech quality.



- Marine fire helmet certificated to EN443:1997

- Bone conductive microphone in crown of helmet

- Lightweight single sized helmet shell fits a range of head sizes

- Generously padded interior for optimum comfort

- Compatible with most BA systems and anti-flash hoods

- Optional torch bracket


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