RU8500 Personal Half-Mask

NYHET! Honeywell RU8500 serie personlig beskyttelsesmaske med forskjellige kommunikasjonskonfigurasjoner. 

Masken kan leveres med standard hodebånd, eller tilpasses de aller fleste kjente hjelm- og headset modeller. 

Kontakt oss for å finne den rette løsningen for dine behov. 

The RU8500 is designed to minimize the breathing of airborne contaminants and provides optimal respiratory protection essential for aircrew and other specialist users in varied harsh work

Can delivered with a various range of microphones, cables, connectors and switches adaptable to your
helmet/headset/ICS requirements.


- 14" Cord for Alpha/Gentex helmets

- Mask Mic to Boom Micro Helmet Velcro Mounted Toggle Switch (All type of helmets)

- In-line mask mic to boom mic adapter


Contact us for more detailed information to find the optimal solution for your application.

The North RU8500 is currently NIOSH approved as an airpurifying respirator and also as a continuous flow supplied air respirator (CF-SAR).

When used with the appropriate filters, cartridges or filter/cartridge combinations, the North RU8500 is an air-purifying respirator for protection from
particulates, gases or vapors, or any combination of particulates, gases and vapors.

For this spesific Covid-19 situation we offer the mask with a P100 cartridge filter, with the following ratings:
P = Oil Proof
100 = Removes 99.97% of all particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger. HE or HEPA quality filter.

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