Tactical Hear Thru Active Noise Reduction Communications (ANR)

TIGER Performance Tactical/PNR Hear Through includes omni-directional electret microphones mounted on the left and right side of the helmet. The tactical features provide tactical communication & hearing protection for today’s modern military & law enforcement operatives.


- Boosts the ability to hear low level environmental sounds, while instantly limiting dangerous noises like gunfire to lower listening levels

- Cushion Ear cup assemblies for comfort fit and high noise attenuation

- Mil-Spec H143 A/AIC PNR high quality speakers with optional helmet mounted single or dual stereo volume controls

- High noise cancelling FAA, TSO C139 Certified High Impedance microphone or Mil-Spec Dynamic Low Impedance microphone mounted on a flex boom

- Straight or coiled communication cord with a U174 helicopter plug, dual general aviation plugs or aircraft powered LEMO (BOSE) plug

- Adjustable helmet fitting for proper ear seal

- The Electronic Hear-Through System amplifies low level environmental sounds which is volume up/down adjustable and limits high noise to 82dBA.

- Digital Sound Suppression Technology is also included



Product Options:


- High - Civilan

- Low - Military

Cord/Plug Style:

- 3' coil cord - hlicopter plug (U174)

- 3' coil cord - dual general aviation plugs

- 3' coil cord - LEMO plug

- 3' straight cord - helicopter plug (U174)

- 3' straight cord - dual general aviation plugs

- 3' straight cord - LEMO plug



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