BOSE A20 With Bluetooth Active Noise Reduction Communications (ANR)

The TIGER Performance Products BOSE A20 Communications provides the highest level of performance on the market today. The BOSE A20 fits perfectly in the helmet allowing a full range of helmet fitting adjustments.

Communication cord mounted BOSE control module includes dual volume controls and ANR LED, high or low impedance is available..


BOSE A20  (ANR) Helmet Communication Packages include:

- BOSE A20 with Bluetooth Unequaled ANR helmet communication performance

- BOSE A20 with Bluetooth High Noise Cancelling Ear cup assemblies

- BOSE A20 with Bluetooth high noise cancelling Amplified Electret High Impedance mic or Mil-Spec Dynamic Low Impedance mic

- Straight or coiled communication cord with a U174 helicopter plug, PJ-068/055 general aviation plugs or aircraft powered LEMO (BOSE) plug

- Adjustable helmet fitting for proper ear seal


NOTE: If installing a BOSE Headset in an LD Project Helicopter/Fixed Wing Helmet a waiver must be completed and signed. 

Product options:

Bose Type:

- Without Bluetooth

- With Bluetooth

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