Aircraft Powered ANR Communications

The TIGER Performance Products Aircraft ANR Communications are assembled in-house and include the highest quality components and workmanship, which assures years of dependable service. ANR technology cancels over 20 decibels of noise in the frequencies range that is most commonly experienced in aircraft cockpits.


Aircraft Powered (ANR) Helmet Communication Packages include:

- High impedance (civilian aviation), or low impedance (military & business band)

- High quality ANR speakers available in high or low impedance

- Ear Cups include gel ear seals or soft seal hush kit

- U174 helicopter, PJ-068/055 General Aviation or LEMO (BOSE) plugs

- Flex boom

- Amplified Electret FAA, TSO C139 Certified High impedance microphone or Mil-Spec Dynamic Low Impedance microphone & wind muff

- Choice of straight or coiled cord

- Polypropylene jacketed/cloth braided cable securely terminated

- Volume control ready

Product Options:


- High - Civilan

- Low - Military

Cord/Plug Style:

- 3' coil cord - hlicopter plug (U174)

- 3' coil cord - dual general aviation plugs

- 3' coil cord - LEMO plug

- 3' straight cord - helicopter plug (U174)

- 3' straight cord - dual general aviation plugs

- 3' straight cord - LEMO plug


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