LD Project Regular Flight Helmet

The LD-CMR Helicopter/Fixed Wing Flight Helmet is an innovative design with a high degree of comfort. The visor cover is designed for use with an ANVIS mounting bracket. A Velcro insert or slide bracket is available on the back of the helmet for ANVIS power supply mounting. For everyday normal flight operations.



- LD Project srl is ISO 9001:2008 certified

- 2 helmet shell sizes - Medium Shell - 53cm to 58cm (XS, S, M), Large Shell - 59cm to 64cm (L, XL, XXL)

- Double adjustable visors

- ANVIS mount support

- Maxillo face shield

- Mic /rec predisposition via 3.5 ” jack

- Modular communication system

- Low profile mask compatible with ANVIS

- Many color options


All the products in the H-CM line have a common logistic line for spare parts and accessories to reduce maintenance and managing costs


- Basic Shell - Manufactured with Aircraft Technology using Technical fabrics (Carbon - Kevlar) epoxy resin impregnated with high tenacity, and flame retardant treatment

- Helmet - Impact resistance tested by ANSI Z 90.1 – 1979.  Resistance tested by NIJ Standard - 0104.02 Oct.84

- Visor Cover - manufactured with aircraft technology using technical fabrics (carbon - kevlar) epoxy resin impregnated high tenacity , and flame retardant treatment.

- Retention System - Tested by ANSI Z 90.4 - Tested by EN 443: 2008 - Tested by ECE / EN 2205

- Visors - Tested by ECE / EN 2205 - by MIL- V - 43511 / MIL - C - 83409 (visors resistance)

- Sound Attenuation - ANSI S12.6.2008

-Colors: Matte or Gloss - White, yellow, orange, red, blue, nato green, grey, black and carbon. Custom Graphics available on request.

- Weights:
-Medium shell + visor housing, complete with components and visors (incl. comm. kit)
1310 gr +/- 50
-Large shell + visor housing, complete with components and visors (incl. comm. kit)
1380 gr +/- 50
-Comm kit 230 gr +/- 20

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