APC-2G, Head Protection System

The APC-2G is designed to meet industrial standards for top and side impact protection while accommodating a wide range of head sizes. The helmet will allow easy integration with hearing protection and communication systems, night vision devices, eye protection, and other protective devices.



- Meets ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 Type II Class C head protection requirements

- Meets Class G electrical protection test as defined in CSA Z94.1

- Fits 5th percentile female to 95th percentile male as defined by US military sizing guidelines

- Compatible with night vision devices, eye protection and NBC protective mask

- Compatible with many hearing protection and communication systems

- Easy to clean

- Simple construction, fewer parts

- Easy maintenance and care of replaceable parts

- Available in 7 colors and 3 sizes for high population fit rate.

Cranial Size        Headband Circumference
Medium               530-560 mm
Large                   560-590 mm
Extra Large          590-630 mm

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