Tiger ANR Bluetooth Headset w/ Cord Mounted Battery/Control Module


- Bluetooth Battery/Control Module

- Gel Ear seals

- High or Low Impedance

- Dual volume controls on the Control Module

- High Quality Amplified Electret Microphone

- Choice of 3’ Straight or 3’ Coiled Communication Cord

- Choice of U174 Helicopter plug, PJ-068 & PJ-055 General Aviation plugs or LEMO (BOSE) plug

- Cabling that meets Mil-Spec requirements

- Chrome stainless steel headband

- Thumb nut headband adjusters

- Pillow top head pad

- Full flex boom

- 3 function switch-Bluetooth on/off, ANR on/off & pairing

- 3.5mm Bluetooth mp3/phone or music jack

- Mono/Stereo Switch

- Dual color green/red LED

- Audio Jack in

- Washable Hygienic Cloth Earseal Covers

- Foam Mic Muff

- Removable AA Batteries


- Splitter Power Cable for Panel Power

- Rechargeable Battery System Options available

- Color: Black

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