Gecko Cut Away Aviation Helmet

Our Gecko Cut Away Aviation Helmet have high quality,  low profile and have a patented inflatable air bladder system providing unparalleled fit, comfort and stability.

We offer the widest variety of helmet mounted headset communications including PNR, ANR, PNR/Bluetooth, ANR/Bluetooth, Tactical/PNR, Tactical/ANR, 3M Peltor ComTac/Swat-Tac III Tactical/PNR, AKG AV100 by Harmon ANR Bluetooth, BOSE A20, BOSE A20 Bluetooth, and Tiger wireless.

Applications: Search And Rescue (SAR), Medical Rescue, Military, Police, Fire Rescue, Utility, Offshore transport.


Standard Helmet Features:

- Inflatable air balloon liner

- Detachable high noise cancelling ear cups with 3M Peltor ARC multi-adjustable rotating ear cup mounts

- Extreme noise attenuating headset with 3M Peltor ComTac III military cushion ear seals and anodized aluminum ARC mounting posts

- Quick release adjustable chin strap

- NVG compatible

- Lightweight construction

- Compact low profile design

- No components susceptible to corrosion

Communications Features:

- Low or high impedance headsets including Tiger Extreme Sound attenuating with Mil Spec H143/AIC PNR, Tiger Extreme Sound attenuating PNR/Bluetooth, Tiger Extreme Sound attenuating ANR, Tiger Extreme Sound attenuating ANR/Bluetooth, Tiger Extreme Sound attenuating with inline Tactical Control module, 3M Peltor ComTac/Swat-Tac III Tactical/PNR, AKG AV100 by Harmon ANR Bluetooth, BOSE A20 with or without Bluetooth and Tiger Wireless

- High quality low or high impedance microphones including Mil Spec M101 or M87, FAA TSO C139 certified M7 and M7A electret, BOSE A20, AKG AV100 or Cobra

- Straight or coiled cable

- 90 degree pivot flex boom

- Microphone wind muff


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- Size:  57cm-62cm

- Weight: 620 grams


- Marine Safety Helmet - PAS 078:2002

- Mountaineering Helmet - EN12492

- Eye Protection - BS4110 (with compatible visor)

- EAR Defense EN352-1 (with equivalent ear defenders)

- EAR Defense EN352-3 (with equivalent ear defenders)

Available Colors:

White, black, black matte, yellow, orange, red, blue, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange

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