1000 Series

After the introduction of additional European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations in 2006, Survitec commenced development of a new generation of survival suit - the 1000 Series. Engineered with the benefit of feedback from offshore workers and the latest offshore sizing data, the 1000 Series suits are tailored to today's offshore working population.  Utilising the high quality advanced fabric and components, the outer shell of the suit is waterproof, breathable and inherently flame-retardant. The thermal lining uses state-of-the-art Outlast® phase-change materials (PCM) technology, to improve thermal comfort and reduce thermal stress.

The 1000 Series Immersion Suit currently supports the offshore energy industry around the globe. Approved to ETSO 2C503 with EASA, Survitec's 1000 Series immersion suits ensure exceptional in-water performance and survivability in marine and aviation emergencies.

Available in 3 variations:

 - Aircrew, Offshore Wind Power and Passenger


- Exceptional in-water performance for optimal survivability

- Waterproof and breathable to improve passengers' cabin-comfort

- Inherently flame-retardant material, providing optimum protection against fire

- Enhanced thermal insulation using the Outlast® technology, originally developed for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

- Hygiene is improved by the use of antimicrobial nanotechnology in the thermal liner

- New seals with superior performance, delivering greater flexibility and comfort over long periods of wear

- Latest waterproof zip technology provides a lightweight, flexible and durable solution

- Designed to minimise trapped air, thereby aiding movement and assisting escape in an emergency

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