1000 Series Training Suit

As a replica design of the 1000 series passenger suit, the training variant has been developed to afford the wearer the same unique benefits of the passenger. Manufactured with Gore-Tex breathable fabric, the training suit incorporates a number of practical features tailored for the training environment and the training provider.

This includes reinforcements to key areas such as the lifting beckets to support repeated training drills, and easy to adjust suit components, enabling the training provider to change onsite when necessary.

Key features:

- Replica design of the 1000 series passenger immersion suit

- Manufactured with Gore-Tex breathable fabric

- Reinforced lifting becket for training use

- Exceptional in-water performance

- Available in 14 standard sizes

- Available in 3 variants:
  Latex seals (503GT001) 
  Hyperstretch Neoprene Seals (503GT101)
  ‘Snap On’ Silicone seals (503Gt201)

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